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CDL Referee Information – Fall Season 2021


Iowa Referees – Thank you for refereeing in the CDL – below is information relating to the Fall 2021 season.

CDL Affiliation

The Club Development League is no longer affiliated with Iowa Soccer Association and is now a member of US Club Soccer. Consequently, the Demosphere referee administration system is not integrated with the ISA system in any capacity. When logging in to accept games or to provide availability and blackouts, all CDL referees will need to login using the CDL referee administrative link:

League Rules

Long and short format CDL league rules are available at the following links:

Long Format

Short Format

Rules Summary:

  • All players, coaches, and team personnel must have a US Club Soccer member pass. However, referees do not need to check player cards prior to a game.
  • No rosters are required – Maximum roster size is 22 players – Game active roster is 18.
  • Substitutions are unlimited; however, substitution stoppages may occur for either team a maximum of four times per half. In the case of a head injury, a team may sub a player out even if it exceeds four times per half.
  • If a team is playing in a double header on a single day, any game that team participates in can be adjusted to 2 x 35-minute halves. The game length decision is made by the coach of the team playing in the double header games. The opposing coach and referee must be informed prior to the game.
  • The team listed first in the CDL schedule is designated as the “home team”. In the event of a color clash the home team changes.

Pay Rates 

U17-U19 – $62.50 Center – $42.50 ARs

U15/U16 – $53.50 Center – $36.00 ARs

U13/U14 – $46.00 Center – $31.00 ARs


Last season, ISA paid all CDL referees. Starting Fall 2021 the CDL will pay you directly.

All payments will be made by check during the Fall 2021 season. A direct deposit option will be offered starting Spring 2022. Payments will be made every 2 weeks (please note – there will also be a mailing period).

You may receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your mailing address prior to receiving your first payment and an additional request for W9 information.

If you have any questions concerning your payment, please e-mail the CDL administrator at

Head Referees

Head referees are not required to submit game reports during the Fall 2021 season. Starting Spring 2022, head referees will be required to submit game reports via Demosphere.

For the Fall 2021 season, please report any send offs (club, player number and player name), serious injuries, or other incidents that require reporting directly to the league administrator via e-mail at within 48 hours of the game.

Additional information for referees concerning how to utilize the Demosphere CDL system can be found at the following link:

Demosphere Referee Assignor Guide

Game Day Issues

If issues occur on game day e.g.  double booked fields, center referee no shows etc. please work with the head coaches of each team and complex representatives to determine a solution. If a solution cannot be worked out, please text the league administrator at 515-330-6653.

CDL Assignors

Below is a list of CDL assignors and the complexes they are responsible for. If you are looking for additional games or know of referees that would like to work in the CDL, please contact one of the assignors below.

In addition, CDL assignors can point you in the right direction if you are a new referee looking to become certified.

Ames Soccer Club
Hunziker Youth Soccer Complex
Ray Schwichtenberg
> Email Assignor

Cedear River Soccer Club (CRSA)
Tuma Soccer Complex and FC United Soccer Complex
Brian Cohen
> Email Assignor

Cedar Valley Soccer Club (CVSC)
Cedar Valley Soccer Complex
Kelly Dunbar
> Email Assignor

Iowa Rush Soccer Club
Prairie Ridge, Waverly and Cownie Soccer Complexes
Charlie Ramsey
> Email Assignor

Iowa Soccer Club (ISC)
Iowa City Kickers Soccer Complex
Jeremy Cohen
> Email Assignor

Sporting Iowa Central
Johnston, Urbandale, and Hidden Valley Soccer Complexes
Bonnie Larson
> Email Assignor

Sporting Iowa East
TBK, Davenport and Muscatine Soccer Complexes
Alec Clarke
> Email Assignor

Vision Soccer Academy (VSA)
Timberline Soccer Complex and Mid-American Rec Plex
Seth Woodcock
> Email Assignor


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