About Club Development League (CDL)

CDL Structure
About CDL:
Club Development League (CDL) is a competitive state-wide player development league for U13 – U19 players.
The league is by membership only based upon satisfying league club standards.
CDL will strive to provide an enjoyable and financially conscientious platform for all players at an appropriate competitive level.

1. Developmentally appropriate
2. Meaningful Enjoyable Competition
3. Accessible (satisfying club standards)
4. Minimize travel
5. Financially prudent for clubs and parents
6. Club leaders and staff coaches having better ability to oversee, evaluate, assess, participate with many players on matchdays

CDL Club Standards :
1. Technical leader (league representative) with at least a USSF C License or UEFA equivalent License
2. Club has at least two staff members with a USSF C License or higher or equivalent license
3. Coaches on the sideline must have a minimum online 11 v 11 Grassroots License
4. Clubs maintain at least six teams in the league in the U13-U19 age groups
5. Quality and enough game fields
    a. Or prepared to play majority (if not all) games away
6. League representative who can attend day-time meetings
7. Designated referee assignor to organize referees for their home facility
    a. Hosting referee courses-Every other year (or annually)
8. Commitment to ethical standards on game days towards all persons involved (coaches, players, parents, and referees)
9. Clubs have a Financial Assistance Program in place to address the need to subsidize costs for players to play
10. Technical leaders MUST serve on at least one sub-committee to continue to develop expertise in guiding the club’s continued success
11. Independent teams will be considered on a case-by-case basis
    a. Voted on by the member clubs
Applications for new clubs are reviewed on a rolling basis for the following season.
In certain cases, members may become “provisional” with the understanding that the applying club is accepted and is working
towards satisfying specific criteria.

CDL Scheduling
1. Self-scheduling in-person or virtually (based upon setting 4-7 established play dates)
    i. Local Play
    ii. Regional play
2. Club events may be designated as “league” play dates
    i. Club run events double as league games
3. Fill-in games (additional games)
    i. Mechanism where clubs/coaches can seek out additional games vs. NON-IPDL teams to finalize their season schedule
League Standards (13U-19U)
1. Teams will be assigned to the following level of play:
    a. Level 1 – teams play in regional or national league in ADDITION to IPDL
    b. Level 2 – teams will compete in State Cup
    c. Level 3 – teams will NOT play in State Cup
2. The league is divided into East and Central divisions
    a. Teams will play within their own division AND
    b. Teams will play cross division
3. Level 1 teams will play at minimum four games in CDL (does not include tournament events)
4. The league committee reserves the right to place teams based on competitive ability and geography to assist with travel
5. Independent teams will be considered on a case-by-case basis
    a. Voted on by the member clubs
6. Clubs must provide one main contact to communicate with league director
7. Travel is local and regional based
8. Scores kept, No standings
9. Spring placement is based upon performances from fall season (U13 – U15)

— Club Development League Partners